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Fiocchi 8mm Lebel Ammo 111 Grain Full Metal Jacket

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Fiocchi 8mm Lebel Ammo 111 Grain Full Metal Jacket
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Fiocchi 8mm Lebel Ammo 111 Grain Full Metal Jacket - 8L

Fiocchi 8mm Lebel Ammo 111 Grain Full Metal Jacket for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 30 Carbine ammunition only at our online store Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Fiocchi ammunition for sale online with free shipping on bulk ammo including this Fiocchi 8mm Lebel Ammo 111 Grain Full Metal Jacket.

Fiocchi 8mm Lebel Ammo 111 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo review offers the following information; This 8mm Lebel ammo by Fiocchi features 111 grain full metal jacket bullets. Loaded with similar grain weights as the Exacta line, this 8mm Lebel ammo is flawless for teaching and practicing with comparable results at a much cheaper price. This allows the marksmen to shoot, plink, or hunt as much as possible. Fiocchi is known for creating reliable quality ammunition in a wide variety of calibers. Fiocchi encompasses LRN, FMJ, JHP, FMJHP, and JSP bullet configurations in all the most popular calibers.These full metal jacket bullets used by Fiocchi ammo are small arms projectiles that consist of a soft lead core encased in a shell of a harder metal. Fiocchi 8mm Lebel ammo features a muzzle velocity of 880 feet per second and muzzle energy of 1000 foot pounds. Fiocchi 8mm Lebel is ideal for plinking and hunting applications. Fiocchi 8MM Lebel ammo is non corrosive, new production, reloadable, and features brass casings and boxer primers. The philosophy behind the Fiocchi line of ammunition is focusing on the accomplishment of the perfect synergy between shooter, firearm, and ammunition. Most of Fiocchi ammunition is loaded at their factory in Ozark, Missouri, but due to high demand Fiocchi also imports ammo and reloading components from their factory in Italy. All Fiocchi ammunition is loaded to either C.I.P. or SAAMI specifications. When looking at the ballistic charts you will notice that in terms of performance, Fiocchi's line is above the rest! 

These full metal jacket bullets used by Fiocchi ammo are small arms projectiles that consist of a soft lead core encased in a shell of a harder metal

Fiocchi 8MM Lebel ammo features a muzzle velocity of 880 feet per second and muzzle energy of 1000 foot pounds

Fiocchi 8MM Lebel is ideal for plinking and hunting applications
ManufacturerFiocchi Ammunition
Caliber8MM Lebel Ammo
Bullet TypeFull Metal Jacket
Muzzle Velocity880fps
Muzzle Energy1000 ft. lbs
CasingBrass Casing
Ammo RatingPlinking and Hunting 8mm Lebel Ammo


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Manufacturer Details

Giulio Fiocchi knew nothing of guns and powder but possessing a keen business intuition, he sensed an opportunity and along with his brother, Giacomo, started their own ammunition business. They ceased musket production and in 1877 hunting and sporting ammunition production began under the name Giulio Fiocchi Enterprise. Shortly after the commencement of WW II, the Fiocchi factory was seized by the Nazi Wermacht. As defeat became imminent, the Nazis attempted to destroy the plant to keep it out of Allied control. After the war the seven Fiocchi brothers faced a stark choice: go their separate ways or rebuild the factories. They decided to rebuild. Assisted by their workforce of about fifteen hundred, the facilities were reconstructed in about one year.

The facilities were modernized with new equipment boasting superior design and technology, many designed by Fiocchi engineers tailored specifically for manufacturing modern ammunition. Carlo Fiocchi, the current vice president of Fiocchi of America, grandson of Carlo mentioned above, Fiocchi gained an edge over other ammunition manufacturers in the 1950’s and 60’s. “The factory was extremely modern by ammunition company standards.” The ammunition market changed at an accelerating pace after WW II, with globalization creating competition beyond regional and national spheres of influence. The company had to become marketing oriented in addition to constantly improving product quality.

Fiocchi of America’s competitive target shotgun ammunition is made by shooters for shooters. All the workers on the production line are extremely proficient. The team members draw upon their various skills to interpret what competitors need and what the market wants. Not all shooters have the same needs, so Fiocchi makes a vast array of competition shotgun cartridges. The Exacta line is Fiocchi of America’s premium line. Most popular for F.I.T.A.S.C., given the 1 ounce load restriction and no velocity limitation, are the Crusher at 1300 fps, the Super Crusher at 1400 fps and the Little Rhino at 1250 fps. Most popular for sporting clays is the White Rhino 1 1/8 ounce load at 1250 fps. All Exacta line shells are loaded with 5% antimony lead, as opposed to the 3.2% antimony content used in Fiocchi’s more economical Shooting Dynamics line of competition shells. These loads are available with nickel plated shot produced exclusively for Fiocchi by Locatelli in Italy. No other US manufacturer uses nickel plated shot.

If you are a recreational or competition shooter, a hunter or a law enforcement officer, Target Sports USA is a one stop shop for the entire line of Fiocchi ammunition with free shipping on all bulk Fiocchi ammo! Target Sports USA proudly carries the following lines of Fiocchi ammo: Barnes Tipped TSX Lead Free, Cowboy, Exacta, Exacta Rifle Match, Extrema, Extrema Field Box, Extrema Leadless, Extrema Rifle Line, Frangible Leadless, Range Dynamics, Rifle Shooting Dynamics, SD, SD Field Box, Specialty Rimfire, Shooting Dynamics, Shooting Dynamics Field Box, & Specialty

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