Why is XM855 Rising in Price?

Why is XM855 Rising in Price?

The XM855 green-tip ammunition is a round that people have shot for decades from their AR-15 rifles. It is cheap, accurate, and fires clean.

On February 13, 2015, the ATF announced that they were seeking to ban M855 ball ammunition. Almost immediately, demand skyrocketed. Retailers sold out.

With supply low and consumer demand high, online retailers of XM855 will go ahead and purchase it at unusually high prices just to make it available to their customers.

Some of the factors which may influence XM855, 556, and other ammo prices:

  • Laws. When certain laws and bans are proposed many gun owners become terrified. For example, by definition. XM855 ammo is not an “armor piercing” round. Banning XM855 because it can be fired from “pistols” would mean that nearly any 556 ammo could be banned. When this kinds of news hits people start buying in bulk and stockpiling ammo.
  • Hoarding. When a consumer’s favorite ammo is threatened, sometimes they will stockpile it, making it less available.
  • Availability. When a certain type of ammo becomes scarce due to hoarding or consumer demand, it becomes very hard to find. This induces panic buying, and prices for it rise across the board.

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