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Nice 12 gauge ammo produced by Stars & Stripes. Solid Buckshot for a nice discount.

Stars & Stripes Ammo Cheddite Shotgun Shells are now being carried in the United States exclusively by Target Sports USA. Cheddite manufactures Premium Target and Hunting Shotgun Shells in their factory in Italy to exacting tolerances manufacturing every single component of the cartridge in house to ensure exceptional and consistent ballistic properties and maximum efficiency. Cheddite offers a wide range of hunting cartridges where even the most demanding hunter can find the right one for his type of hunting: migratory or sedentary game, small or big, in any weather condition, with shotguns of size 12, 16, 20 , 24, 28,32 and 410. In particular, Cheddite has reconciled cartridge aesthetics with optimum performance by matching particular leads with different antimony contents to different coloured shells. After years of research Cheddite has reached a level of excellence in ballistic performance by focusing its attention on a careful selection of powders, as the Drago, the Aquila, the Granular, that perform consistently in all climatic conditions; a special system that allows the maximization of the number of lead shots for every load without varying the number between one cartridge and another; and on dose tuning in order to maximize speed and minimize recoil.

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$7.25 - $239.90

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