The official podcast of Target Sports USA, the nations #1 retailer in online ammunition. Join us as we have on industry leaders and experts, ranging from our employees, manufacturer reps, first responders, veterans, gun range owners, gun shop owners, and even celebrities!


*NEW* Episode #18 - Scott

Air Date: Oct 20

Duration: 4 min

Joining us is Scott, one of our Target Sports USA Prime members we flew out for Prime Day Prize Day on October 16th. In this episode we go through Scott's background, what he likes to shoot, and much more!


Episode #17 - Amanda Lynn-Mayhew

Air Date: Oct 5

Duration: 38 min

Joining us is Amanda-Lynn Mayhew, Executive Producer/Host of THAT Hunting Girl TV and Creator/Founder of Just Hunt INC. Amanda-Lynn has a list of achievements and accolades that are too long to type. She is currently filming her 6th season of her own hunting show which is televised on the Sportsman Channel and seen in over 10 million households. In this episode we talk about everything from her favorite hunts/episodes, to her background which lead her to where she is, and much more!


Episode #16 - Hunter Elliot

Air Date: Sept 28

Duration: 50 min

Joining us is Hunter Elliot, owner/writer of Range Hot ( and United States Marine Corps veteran/rifle coach. Hunter has been reviewing firearms, authoring articles, and creating content for decades within the industry. In this episode we dive into everything from Hunter's background, to what the process is like when reviewing a firearm, and much more!


Episode #15 - Prime Day Recap

Air Date: Sept 21

Duration: 9 min

In this episode we give our listeners and customers a recap of our first ever Target Sports USA Prime Day. Details on how the day went, ammo we still have left in stock, who the lucky 4 truck giveaway winners were, and much more!


Episode #14 - Michael Szot

Air Date: Sept 8

Duration: 43 min

Joining us is Michael Szot, former EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Chief/Master Tech and 22 year veteran. In this episode Michael touches upon everything from his experience in the Navy, his addiction and recovery, and how/why he started the Guardian Spirit Initiative. Providing a real life account of overcoming addiction/ alcoholism, & PTSD.


Episode #13 - Nick Rankin

Air Date: Aug 31

Duration: 59 min

Joining us is Nick Rankin, Community Policing Lieutenant with the Norwich Connecticut Police Department. Nick has been with Norwich PD for 13 years. Serving as a K9 Officer from 2012-2019 and now currently in his role as Community Policing Sergeant. In this episode we dive into what community policing truly means, what pushed him to take on this role, and much more!


Episode #12 - Brian Steskla

Air Date: Aug 25

Duration: 48 min

Joining us is Brian Steskla, Retired Lieutenant with the Connecticut Department of Corrections, former employee of Smith & Wesson, IDPA Match Director, and current competitive shooter. During this episode we take a deep dive into the shooting sports world. Touching upon everything from first time gun owners, to training recommendations, to competitive shooting, and much more!


Episode #11 - Justin Baldini

Air Date: Aug 18

Duration: 18 min

Joining us is Justin Baldini, the Director of Marketing and Product Management for Colt. We are LIVE at the SWAT Challenge located at the Hartford Gun Club in East Granby, Connecticut. During this episode Justin discusses what life has been like at Colt, new products being introduced in 2021, and much more!


Episode #10 - Yashti & Keya

Air Date: Aug 13

Duration: 44 min

Joining us are Yashti & Keya who represent our customer service department here at Target Sports USA. Yashti dives into what separates Target Sports USA's customer service and what happens behind the scenes on a daily basis. Then Keya who is our customer service manager discusses what it is like being the spouse of a police officer.


Episode #9 - Chris Nott

Air Date: July 23

Duration: 55 min

Joining us is Chris Nott, a 9 year veteran with the Norwich Police Department as a Crisis and Hostage negotiator. Chris was born and raised in Montville, Connecticut and is a 3rd generation law enforcement officer. During the episode Chris talks about his officer involved shooting that completely changed his life. We also dive into a few hot topics that have captured the internet by storm, especially over the past 24 months.


Episode #8 - Eric DiNoto

Air Date: July 14

Duration: 48 min

Joining us is Eric DiNoto, Co-Founder and CEO of Regimental Spirits Company which was born on the abandoned rooftop of the Ba’ath Party Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq in 2007. There, two thirsty US Infantryman shared a cigar, a conversation and a dream about creating a quality brand of whiskey that would represent the greatest men and women of their country—those who serve in the United States Military.


Episode #7 - Bryan Donahue

Air Date: July 6

Duration: 32 min

Joining us is Bryan Donahue, who developed 2POINT2, a mindset and way of life out of necessity. As a 22 year old U.S. Marine he thought he was perfectly healthy, but Bryan’s reality could not have been more false. With the prognosis of only a few months to live, he came to the realization that he wasn’t afraid his life would end, but more afraid it never began. He changed his way of thinking and started to live a life of NO REGRETS.


Episode #6 - Earl Granville

Air Date: Jun 29

Duration: 68 min

Joining us is Earl Granville, a Combat Wounded Leg Amputee who brings awareness and ideas to the public about the adversity struggles in society from his personal experiences.


Episode #5 - Kevin Estela

Air Date: Jun 22

Duration: 77 min

Joining us is the Director of Training for Fieldcraft Survival, Kevin Estela. A professional survivalist and best selling author of "101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods". In this episode we cover everything from School Emergency Response Kits, to AR-15's, to Top 10 Items everyone should keep in their homes, and much more!.


Episode #4 - Holly Sullivan

Air Date: Jun 14

Duration: 40 min

Joining us is president of the CCDL Holly Sullivan. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut.


Episode #3 - Tactical Val

Air Date: Jun 8

Duration: 27 min

Joining us is Val, former S.W.A.T and police officer who currently heads up Tactical Police Gear. In this episode we cover everything A-Z as Val talks about a S.W.A.T explosion that completely changed his life and career.


Episode #2 - Got PRIME?

Air Date: Jun 2

Duration: 9 min

Joining us is our PRIME Service Manager who will be discussing the benefits of a Target Sports USA PRIME membership and how it can help you attain ammo during the shortage.


Episode #1 - The Perfect Storm

Air Date: May 24

Duration: 9 min

Joining us is Daniela Lockery, Operations Coordinator at Target Sports USA. This episode we dive into the ammo shortage of 2020 and go into detail as to why we are where we are.


Welcome to Target Talk!

Air Date: Apr 1

Duration: 2 min

Target Talk - The official podcast of Target Sports USA


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