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  • Discount On Ammo

    Prime-exclusive discount on ALL ammo for an entire calendar year. An amazing value for members!

  • FREE Shipping

    Automatic FREE shipping on all Prime orders with no minimums or promo codes. Just order and save!

  • Priority Inventory Alerts

    Early alerts for Prime members when new inventory is added. (With notifications activated.)

  • Expedited Processing

    Faster processing on all Prime account orders. Move to the front of the line for processing and shipping!

Which items are eligible for a Prime Ammo Membership Discount?
All ammunition is eligible for the Prime Ammo Membership Discount!
How does the discount get applied?
After creating an account and purchasing a Prime Membership, your discount and FREE shipping will be applied automatically when logged in with your Prime account.
Can I cancel my Prime Membership?
Prime members cannot cancel their membership and refunds will not be made for any Prime Memberships even if the member did not use any of the benefits during the membership term. For more information or questions, please call our customer service department at 860-426-9886 or email us at
I received a new credit card - can I change my card on file for auto-renewal?
Unfortunately our system does not allow the card on file to be changed. Please wait for your current membership term to expire and then purchase a new membership with the updated credit card.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

5 stars
  • This is my 2nd year with the Prime Ammo Membership and I am beyond pleased with it. Even with prices increased and demand like nobody's ever seen before, there are several benefits that work to my advantage. The savings far outweigh the price of the membership. In fact, I paid for two years just from my savings in my first year! Keep it up Target Sports USA crew, and thank you for working so hard to keep all of us supplied.

    Kevin L.
  • Highly recommend prime! Combine this with text alerts and you can easily order even small amounts without worrying about shipping.

    Ruben T.
  • I should have purchased this earlier this year. Would have saved so much money

    Yuji Y.
  • I’ve saved so much thanks to this membership, 1000% worth it!

    Patrick M.
  • Amazing savings with this membership, i should have done it years ago!! Thankful i finally did!

    Cody L.
  • So far this membership has been well worth the investment, especially with ammo prices as high as they are currently. If you are on the fence, take the leap! I have yet to find 9mm and 556 ammo available and/or cheaper than with my member prices.

    Doug L.
  • I already had significant savings, and I only started using the prime ammo membership a month ago, thanks Target Sports U.S.A.

    Gregg A.
  • THINK "AMAZON PRIME FOR GUNS"?? Stoked to get discounts and early releases! Worth it!

    Kevin P.
  • Good benefits with discounted pricing, free shipping, and early stock notices. What’s not to like.

    Stephen T.
  • I'm kicking myself for not buying this earlier!!! Worth every penny...!!!

    Kurt E.
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