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PMC Ammo for sale at Target Sports USA. Target Sports USA carries and sells online the entire line of PMC Ammunition products including PMC Bronze ammo, PMC Starfire Ammo, PMC X-Tac ammo, PMC X-Tac Match ammo and PMC Shotshell ammunition with free shipping on all bulk PMC ammo. For all your PMC ammo needs, visit for the best deals on bulk PMC ammo where shipping is free. Order any case of PMC ammo and shipping is free at Target Sports USA.

All PMC products go through an extensive quality control before being processed and packaged, including the PMC Bronze Line ammo. The extended line of PMC Bronze ammo includes the most popular calibers such as PMC 9mm ammo, PMC 223 Remington ammo, PMC 308 Winchester ammo, PMC 45 AUTO ammo, PMC 380 ACP ammo and many others. Most calibers feature a FMJ bullet, non-corrosive primers and brass casings to ensure smooth feeding and great accuracy. With the high volume shooter in mind, the PMC Bronze ammo line is relatively inexpensive and affordable.

The PMC X-Tac ammo line was designed for those individuals that put their lives on the line to protect and save others. Tested and used my the military and law enforcement individuals throughout the world, PMC X-Tac line is the prefered choice of ammo in the following calibers; PMC X-TAC 5.56mm NATO ammo, both in a 55 Gran FMJ lead core bullet and 5.56mm NATO ammo 62 Grain steel core (green tip) bullet.

As for the personal protection ammo line, PMC Ammunition offers the PMC Starfire ammo line in the following handgun calibers; PMC Starfire 357 magnum ammo, PMC Starfire 38 Special ammo, PMC Starfire 380 ACP AUTO ammo, PMC Starfire, 40 S&W ammo, PMC Starfire 44 Remington Magnum ammo, PMC Starfire 45 ACP AUTO ammo and PMC Starfire 9mm ammo.

Order any case of PMC bulk ammo and receive free shipping from Target Sports USA.

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