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IMI Ammo

IMI Ammunition for sale online at cheap discount prices and free shipping available at Target Sports USA. We carry the entire line of Israel Military Industries ammo for sale including IMI Handgun ammo and IMI Ammo 5.56x45mm Rifle ammo. 

Ammo made by IMI Ammo offers high quality components and consistent reliability that has been proven. To lead the ammo market, Israel Military Industries has developed ammo which offers target and practice ammunition in calibers such as 223 Remington ammo, 50 Caliber ammo and 9mm ammo.

IMI Ammo was formed in 1933 and has since become a phenomenal source of both handgun and rifle ammunition on a global level, with a wide diversity of multiple battle realm proven structures. IMI Ammo has become the handgun caliber option as an elite dealer for the Israel Defense Forces. Additionally it is used by the United States Army and numerous other militaries of major NATO associates, and law enforcement internationally.

IMI Ammo is developed from only the top most quality products and must undertake arduous testing, from the very start of the material component selecting, all the way through completed cartridge. IMI Ammo is fashioned to demanding standards in amenability with NATO, MIL-SPEC, SAAMI CIP, and ISO 9001 certified

IMI Ammo delivers leisure and competitive shooters the unconditional highest quality ammunition at economically attractive prices.

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