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Berger Bullets

Walt Berger started making rifle bullets in 1955 because he believed he could make better bullets than those that were available at the time. He regularly participated in bench rest shooting competitions (and still does today), which requires the highest levels of precision in all components. In 1987, Walt grew his bullet making operation beyond a part time hobby after encouragement from his wife Eunice. Together, they grew the business into a large scale precision rifle bullet making operation. In 2000, Walt sold Berger Bullets to Spiveco Inc. This move merged Walt’s skill at building rifle bullets with the company that produced the J4 Precision bullet jackets utilized in all Berger Bullets.

Today, Berger Bullets continues to grow its operation under the ownership of The Nammo Group. In 2010 Berger took their day-to-day production quality standards to new heights. The management group has built a highly trained and skilled team who daily produce the most consistent, Match Grade rifle bullets in the world and also provide world class service to those who resell and shoot Berger Bullets.

If you are a recreational or competition shooter, a hunter or a law enforcement officer, Target Sports USA is a one stop shop for the entire line of Berger Bullets ammunition with free shipping on all bulk Berger Bullets ammo! Target Sports USA proudly carries the following lines of Berger Bullets ammo: Elite Hunter Hybrid, Hunter Hybrid, Hybrid, Scenar, Scenar-L, & Tangent

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Berger 308 Winchester Ammo

Berger 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo

Berger 300 Winchester Magnum Ammo

Berger 260 Remington Ammo

Berger 300 Norma Magnum Ammo


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