NY Safe ACT - Online Ammunition Sales

NY Safe Act - Online Ammunition Sales

Just mere days after celebrating our great nation’s independence, Republicans have taken a huge step forward for Second Amendment supports and making substantial changes to New York’s SAFE Act by fortifying an obligatory “memorandum of understanding”(M.O.U). State Senator James L. Seward has pushed for change since the 2013 when the SAFE act was originally sanctioned.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has agreed to suspend plans for background checks for ammunition sales in New York and allow internet sales of ammunition, changing part of the NY Safe Act, according to state Sen. James Seward.

“While I will continue to work for full repeal of the poorly crafted, over-reaching NY-SAFE Act, this is a significant accomplishment—and constitutes the only modifications that have been made to this law since it was enacted two years ago over my objection”. Seward has continually stated that the database for ammunition was faulty and "fraught with problems since it was first conceived," and be removing this aspect, it will prevent any future money from being squandered. With the backing and support of Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Jim Malatras, director of state operations, this can only be considered a big win for both the State of New York and for its private citizens. The focus of these changed laid in two parts “The two provisions that will be changed are both related to ammunition. The MOU, which was signed by New York State Director of Operations James Malatras and Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, puts an end to the portion of the act that would establish a database and require those who purchase ammunition to undergo a background check. It also ends the moratorium on on-line purchases of ammunition”.

Below is the link for the full memo https://www.scribd.com/doc/271175351/Mou-Ny-Safe-Act-07-10-15